Libra Core second edition roadmap released, mainnet functions will be delivered in priority order

The official Libra blog has released the second edition roadmap of Libra Core, a software that powers the Libra network. As part of the Libra roadmap, developers will focus on three areas. First, the developers of Libra delivered mainnet functions in order of priority. Second, they will focus on defining startup standards from the Libra Pre-mainnet to the mainnet. The final step involves educating the Libra community and making them valuable contributors to the Libra project. Developers are working on the complete Libra protocol architecture documentation and are finalizing external APIs based on community input. The official blog states that the goals of the second edition of the roadmap are to implement the roadmap, define the requirements for the release of the first edition, modify the Pre-mainnet approach for non-technical personnel, and increase community participation.