Beijing Youth Daily: Beware of "coin speculation" scams wearing a blockchain jacket

Beijing Youth Daily said in an article today that recently, the blockchain technology blaze, including the central bank, has continued to promote blockchain applications. However, "fraud speculation" scams under the cover of the blockchain also occur from time to time. Blockchain technology is highly professional and difficult for the public to understand, and it is easy to be "routine." Blockchain is not equal to virtual currency, blockchain is not equal to mining machines, and blockchain is not equal to pulling people's heads. To figure out which scenarios are suitable for blockchain technology, you only need to ask a few questions: Does the scenario require a database, does multiple parties need to write data, can the parties writing the data be trusted, and are the interests of all parties consistent? As a low-level protocol or technical solution, blockchain can effectively solve the problem of trust and realize the free transfer of value. It has broad prospects in the fields of digital currency, financial asset transaction settlement, digital government affairs, and anti-counterfeit data services.