Ethereum 2.0 work progress: Least Authority will conduct a comprehensive review of stage 0, and Eth2 v0.10.0 is planned to be released in January

On December 19th, the Ethereum official blog updated the work progress of ETH 2.0. The content of the blog shows that Ethereum has authorized computer science and technology company Least Authority to conduct a comprehensive review of Phase 0 of ETH 2.0, focusing on key projects, such as denial of service (DoS) attacks, which may lead to unexpected branching, combat chain resource abuse attacks, and network-related , Any attacks related to funds, etc. In addition, the work progress of ETH 2.0 also includes: 1. The Ethereum development team Sigma Prime officially released the first Eth2 public testnet Lighthouse with a mainnet configuration (previously reported on December 11); 2. Ethereum client Nimbus integration The native nim-libp2p will be launched in the testnet next week. 3. Bitfly open source eth2 block browser adds support for Lighthouse; 4. Eth2 specification version v0.9.3 has been released, this version has been tested and repaired and network updated. At the same time, the v0.10.0 version is scheduled to be released in January, and will work to integrate the new BLS standard into the core Eth2 specification.