Groundwater becomes "energy water" and sells sky-high price, beware of new scams with technology vests

According to the Science and Technology Daily News, this glass of water, which has caused great repercussions in the society, is called SSG Life Energy Water, and its price has reached more than 1,000 yuan a bottle, which can be regarded as sky-high price. In the case of Water of Life, traders focused on new concepts such as blockchain and virtual currency, confusing the boundaries between the current popular sharing economy and MLM, and synthesized a new way of MLM fraud. In this model, the victim is often caught in the trap of greed, superstitious about the so-called new technology's dividends. Even if some people perceive and realize that the water of life violates scientific common sense, they are still obsessed with the purpose of making quick money. For this new type of fraud, firstly, consumers must be more vigilant and keep in mind the truth that the pie will not fall in the sky; secondly, they have also put forward higher requirements to the regulatory authorities, and they should understand the changes in fraud methods in a timely manner and increase their crackdown .