Meng Yan: Blockchain can provide new ideas for data and process integration and realize multi-party collaboration

On December 20, the 2019 China Blockchain Developers Conference was held in Beijing. Meng Yan, vice president of the Digital Asset Research Institute and vice president of CSDN, shared that supply chain finance is a typical application of blockchain, but many projects are currently centered around the core. Enterprise credit development, this model can also use a centralized system. What supply chain finance really needs to solve is a bunch of small and medium-sized enterprises, no one is the center, but it has to pass financial credit on a long chain. Meng Yan took warehouse receipt pledge financing as an example. It is easy to fake under traditional technology. The blockchain can provide new ideas for data and process integration to achieve multi-party collaboration. In the case of warehouse receipt pledge financing, you can first make cross-border deployments of stakeholders, connect banks, logistics, warehousing and other entities together, and then cross-validate to link the fact. In the future, through asset digitization and tokenization, circulation can be realized, and even incentive mechanisms can be designed.