Li Ming: China Electronics Standardization Institute Blockchain Research Lab is organizing national standards

According to the computing power think tank, on December 19th, Li Ming, director of the Blockchain Research Laboratory of the China Electronics Standardization Institute, stated on the Zhongan Insurance 2019 Open Day that every stage of the blockchain will have a development outcome. The results may be displayed differently in different fields, but it will present a basic law. This basic law is summarized to form a universal one, which will give the entire industry a guiding role. And when everyone adopts certain formats, such as data formats, such as cross-chain agreements, and asset agreements, the industry can develop rapidly. These are the functions of the standard. Currently, the China Electronics Standardization Institute's Blockchain Research Lab is organizing national standards in accordance with international standards, and is also preparing for the National Blockchain Technology Standards Committee as a group standard. Seven have been released, and three are about to be released. The second is industrialization, including personnel training, standardized services, and testing. The third is to do standard landing related work.