Bai Liang, Founder of Zero One Finance: Ten Trends in Digital Technology and Financial Development in 2020

On December 20th, at the 2020 Digital Technology Annual Conference and Nuyi Finance New Finance Annual Conference, Liang Liang, founder of Nuyi Finance, shared the title of "Digital Technology and Financial Development Trends in the 2020s". He gave the following forecasts for the next 10 years:

1. A new round of complex scientific and technological innovation cycles, interacting with science and technology elements on the eve of the outbreak, creating complex and unexpected technologies;

2. The disruption and reconstruction of global supply chains. Intellectual supply chains are the key to success in the next era;

3. In the new round of the global science and technology war, a new round of complex science and technology competition has begun, and the governments of major economies have invested more and more in promoting science and technology innovation;

4. China has become a big country in science and technology. The elements of China's distribution rights will shift from labor and market to science and technology; from the horizontal distribution of competitive advantages to the new battlefield of vertical distribution;

5. Digital currency builds a new global currency system. The currency system is one of the most important factors in the value distribution of the supply chain. Technological changes promote digital currency innovation;

6. The digital capital market is booming and maturing. There will be a new type of capital market under the new compliance framework. New rules, new assets will be traded, new assets will be formed, innovations will be born, and wealth will be created.

7. Big Tech is facing extreme challenges. They will be in a super storm of science, technology, economy, politics, consumers, entrepreneurship and the changing times. Will they reach the limit, or will they usher in another turning point of exponential growth?

8. The financial supply side is greatly deformed. At least half of the existing financial institutions cannot go out of the 2020s, but of the other half, a small number of institutions will still use their existing advantages to make up their minds to change and dominate the next decade;

9. The new legal form is gradually becoming a system, the law is coded and legalized, the scope of rights is changed, and the identity connotation is changed;

10. Social life struggles and innovates in privacy conflicts. Life dataization, identity digitization, and privacy protection have become fierce conflicts. People will recognise the relationship between people, people, society, and people.