Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce: Blockchain technology will be introduced in Qingdao's domestic service credit information platform

According to the Peninsula Metropolis Daily, the "Notice on the Work Plan for the Construction of the Credit System of the Domestic Housekeeping Service Industry in Qingdao City" was issued recently, clearly rebuilding and constructing the "Qingdao Domestic Housekeeping Service Credit Information Platform". The Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce clearly stated in the "Notice" that by the end of this year, a housekeeping service platform was selected by bidding to transform and build the "Qingdao Housekeeping Service Credit Information Platform" to centrally manage and manage the city's housekeeping service credit information. The construction of the platform will also try to introduce "blockchain" technology, and corporate information in the platform will be publicized regularly, with the aim of "creating a domestic service platform that is trustworthy for Qingdao citizens."