China Securities Industry Association announces the results of the 2019 outstanding key research report selection, two of which are related to the blockchain

According to the news from the China Securities Industry Association on December 19, the China Securities Association organized in 2019 a key topic research work entitled "Deepening the Financial Supply-Side Structural Reform and Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Securities Industry". This year, the China Securities Association Association has received a total of 158 applications for key topics, 88 projects have been approved, and 21 outstanding project reports have been selected by experts. Outstanding topic reports include exploring the application of fintech and regulatory technology in the securities industry, a deep understanding of the profound impact of fintech on the financial ecology, and promoting research on the integrated application and development of fintech in the securities industry, including "Blockchain in the OTC Derivatives Market Organization" Application Research "Application of Blockchain in the Construction of Data Ecology and Value Research" "Research on Zero-Knowledge Authentication in Over-the-Counter Trading" "Research on the Method of Financial Report Fraud Risk Identification Based on Machine Learning Models" "Development of Digital Wealth Management in the Securities Industry" Model Research "" Application Research on Intelligent Investment Advisory in Wealth Management Business of Securities Companies "" Research on Development Models and Paths of Digital Wealth Management in Securities Companies "and so on.