Authoritative standards for the nation's first blockchain job capability requirements officially released

According to the Securities Daily News, on December 20th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Talent Exchange Center, as a direct institution of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in charge of talent research, talent standards, talent training, talent evaluation, talent service, and international cooperation, officially released. "Blockchain industry talents job capacity requirements" standard, this is the country's first authoritative standard for blockchain job capacity requirements. This standard proposes three types of talents for the core research and development positions, practical technology positions, and industry application positions of the blockchain, with a total of 21 specific job capacity requirements. The aim is to provide personnel training standards that are in line with the current blockchain technology and industrial development and promote the industry. The deep integration and development with education will help the ecological construction of the blockchain industry. Expert think tanks are also launched simultaneously. The introduction of talent standards and the construction of expert think tanks will definitely accelerate the development of talents in the blockchain industry, promote the establishment of a talent cultivation system for the blockchain industry, and promote the formation of a talented ecosystem of benign interactions among all subjects.