Fujian: Creating New Engines for "Digital Fujian" and "Digital Fuzhou"

According to Beiguo.com, on December 20, the Second International Summit on Blockchain Industry and Entrepreneurs was held in Fuzhou. At the meeting, You Mengjun, deputy secretary of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor of the municipal government, joined the standing committee of the municipal government and executive deputy Mayor Lin Fei unveiled the inauguration ceremony of the Digital Fuzhou Blockchain Research Institute and the Digital Fuzhou Blockchain Incubator. The landing of the Research Institute and the incubator will effectively promote the efficient docking of Rong enterprises and scientific research institutions and deepen the cooperation between industry, university and research. Accelerate the transformation and promotion of blockchain technology research results in enterprises, promote the combination of blockchain technology services and the construction of new smart cities to expand and deepen the commercial application of blockchain technology, use blockchain technology to explore digital economic model innovation, and enhance Fujian digital economy development. It is reported that the 30 application scenarios generated by the Fuzhou Big Data Commission are focused on the layout of the Fuzhou Blockchain application development platform, promoting the implementation of key blockchain demonstration applications, and better building the "Banban City on the Chain" ". Zhang Qingya, director of the Fuzhou Big Data Committee, said that Fuzhou is accelerating the construction of a comprehensive blockchain economic experimental area and promoting the blockchain. Convergence of art and industry applications, create a number of benchmark demonstration application, introduce and cultivate a group of block chain innovator, let Fuzhou become an important gathering place for the block chain innovation, industry to gather and talent gathering.