Tsinghua Luomei: New financial competition represented by digital currencies will definitely emerge in the future

On December 20th, Luo Mei, director of the Digital Financial Asset Research Center of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, said at the "2019 Digital Finance Annual Summit" that there are currently two types of digital currencies, sovereign digital currencies and privately issued digital currencies. Among them, sovereign digital currencies include digital currencies based on blockchain technology and electronic currencies that are not based on blockchain technology. For example, the DCEP proposed by the central bank does not indicate that it will be based on blockchain technology; privately issued digital currencies also include Encrypted digital currencies with blockchain technology (Bitcoin, Facebook Libra, stablecoins, etc.) and digital currencies that are not based on blockchain technology. Luo Mei also said that in the future, there will be competition in the new financial era represented by digital currencies. Payment is a means to capture the number of users. In what future cross-border payments will be circulated globally, will the Swift settlement system be replaced by the Instex settlement system, and the currency in which blockchain encrypted assets will be priced is a huge unknown.