Rong Chunming, member of the Norwegian Academy of Engineering: Blockchain is the trust foundation of next-generation network technology

According to the Securities Daily News, on December 20, the 2nd International Summit on Blockchain Industry and Entrepreneurs was held in Fuzhou on the theme of "Future Future Fusion Development". Rong Chunming, a member of the Norwegian Academy of Engineering and chairman of the IEEE Blockchain Organization, delivered a keynote speech on "Innovative Development of the Internet + Blockchain." He stated that the nature of blockchain is the foundation of trust for next-generation network technologies. The trust mechanism of the blockchain does not make all decisions by one subject, but makes decisions after being recognized by multiple parties, which has an important role in areas such as social governance and finance. At present, how to combine 5G, artificial intelligence, distributed computing and other technologies with the blockchain to create an independent innovation platform, and how to combine the widespread application of blockchain and Internet technologies are issues that should be considered.