Former Vice Chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Zhou Yanli: Insurance technology should actively use blockchain technology

According to financial industry news, on December 19, the 2020 Zhongguancun Fintech Forum and the 7th Inclusive Finance Forum were held in Beijing. At the meeting, Zhou Yanli, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and former vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, mentioned that the service model of insurance + technology is becoming more mature, realizing the electronicization from stage 1.0 to the informatization of stage 2.0, and the intelligent leap to stage 3.0, which will come to 4.0 Phase is the development phase of digital insurance. Insurance technology has become an important source of kinetic energy conversion, main driving force and industrial upgrading for the development of the insurance industry. The only way to achieve high-quality development is to actively use blockchain technology, and secondly, to implement "Technology + "The third strategy is to innovate insurance product and service models, strengthen scientific and technological supervision, and the fourth is to promote the development of insurance science and technology in accordance with the law.