National Cross-Border Digital Finance Alliance Proposal Released: Promote the Healthy Development of the Digital Finance Industry

According to China Net News, the International Research Institute of Technology and Economics of the State Council Development Research Center, Guoguang Finance, and Global Finance jointly released the first National Cross-Border Digital Finance Alliance Initiative (hereinafter referred to as the Proposal), with a view to jointly promoting the digital financial industry. healthy growth. The Proposal believes that the future digital financial regulatory model will also show three trends:

First, based on the nature of finance, no matter what concept digital finance uses and what kind of business model it designs, regulators will incorporate supervision according to the nature of their business;

Second, for digital finance in the process of change, the size of the regulatory sandbox will be dynamically adjusted as needed;

Third, the regulatory authorities will comprehensively balance the interests of all parties between the traditional financial industry, Internet third-party payment institutions and consumers.