Du Baichuan, General Administration of Radio, Film and Television: Blockchain is value protection in terms of copyright and advertising, and is implemented by smart contracts

According to the news from HC Radio and Television, on December 20, the 2019 HC Radio and TV Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum and Awards Ceremony were held in Beijing. At the forum, Du Baichuan, deputy director of the Science and Technology Commission of the State Administration of Radio and Television, said that in the field of radio and television, advertising The blockchain consisting of vendors, publishers, evaluations, users, and miners has an important role. The first is that the value of content and advertising is a function of content copyright, broadcast period, broadcast history, content value before and after the broadcast period; the second is the application of blockchain technology in copyright not only pay attention to the copyright chain, but also pay attention to broadcast And the broadcasting chain; third, the copyright is related to the broadcasting right and the broadcasting right, and only by perfecting the broadcasting chain and the broadcasting chain can the copyright be protected; fourth, the content copyright and advertising rights are the manifestation of the two directions of the content, one is the revenue, the other One is to pay; the fifth is to protect the copyright and advertising of blockchain technology not only with the traditional thinking of information protection, but also with value protection, which is implemented by smart contracts.