Banking and Insurance Supervisor Chen Weigang: Five obstacles to the implementation of blockchain technology

Recently, the BAC Blockchain Application Conference was held at Tsinghua University. Chen Weigang, director-general supervisor of the board of supervisors of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said at the meeting that there are five major obstacles to the implementation of blockchain technology. The first is the barrier to cognition. Now, what is blockchain? The bad information is not very popular. Second, the foundation has barriers. In the process of digitalization, big data governance, 5G, cloud platforms, and related talents are not enough. Third, there are still barriers to blockchain technology. There are no standards. Unification, the technology itself is still in its infancy; the fourth is the legal barrier, the law has not yet determined what can and cannot be done; the fifth is the barrier to application, and the development of the blockchain will have a struggle for rights and interests. .