Li Jieli, General Manager of Ant Blockchain: Blockchain technology has three levels of value in commodity trading

On December 18, 2019, the Ant Blockchain Commodity Industry Digital Synergy Summit was grandly held in Shanghai. Li Jieli, general manager of Ant Blockchain, said that blockchain technology has three levels of value in commodity trading: First, because the characteristics of the blockchain are multi-party participation and non-tamperable features, let the commodity trading process The data and certificate are more authentic and credible, which will comprehensively promote the in-depth development of product traceability and judicial certificate protection. Second, based on more credible data, it will effectively promote the transaction of commodity assets and the circulation of production materials; Third, when the commodity trading process, production, logistics, finance and other processes are fully upgraded to credible digital assets, a new type of asset will inevitably be born, such as futures trading will also take on a new look.