Block. One post: EOSIO resource allocation proposal

Today, Block. One published a "EOSIO Resource Allocation Proposal". The article proposes the establishment of a resource leasing market based on the current state of saturation of the main network REX. The general proposal is as follows: 1. The user pays for 30 days of CPU / NET, and after 30 days, he must renew the rent and change according to the supply and demand of CPU / NET resources. Use market-based mechanisms to adjust rents automatically. 2. Under this resource model, users can still mortgage tokens, but instead of obtaining the corresponding proportion of resource use rights, they can obtain the corresponding proportion of REX revenue sources. The purpose of this proposal is to eliminate the impact of the speculative market on resource prices, and to introduce a rental market based on the overall resource utilization rate, which can make resource prices more stable and reliable.