Babbitt Column Gu Yanxi: Libra will definitely be launched to the market, and its inspiration is that blockchain projects must be legal and compliant

Babbitt columnist Gu Yanxi put forward three basic judgments on Libra in a post today: Libra is actually a development and application of blockchain technology. Libra is still constantly evolving and developing. Libra will eventually be brought to the market. Based on this judgment, the essence of the Libra project is to allow value to circulate freely on a global basis on the basis of blockchain technology. The first thing that Libra obtains financial services is not the 1.7 billion that have not yet received financial services globally. Users, but users who conduct economic activities across borders. Libra will have a major impact on the currency, clearing network, commercial banks, central banks, and securities industries. The inspiration from Libra is that blockchain projects must be legal and compliant. The financial industry needs to grasp the opportunities brought by blockchain technology. The success and failure of blockchain projects are determined by factors other than blockchain technology.