Dean of DCCI Internet Research Institute: Blockchain technology has great potential in China's education field

On December 21st, Liu Xingliang, Dean of the DCCI Internet Research Institute published an article entitled "The Subversive Power of Blockchain: Eleventh in Education", saying that blockchain technology has great potential in China's education field. Blockchain + education can redefine talents. The combination of the two can effectively avoid the disadvantages of traditional education. Blockchain + education can effectively protect information security. At present, various data in the field of education are reflected in information such as students' academic status and academic qualifications. If education data security is not valued, it may affect student development. Blockchain + education can also improve the imbalance of resources. The distributed storage of the blockchain allows each node to upload data, and each teacher can publish his own teaching materials and provide services such as online tutoring and exercise explanations, which can greatly improve the richness of resources.