Yuanjie DNA co-founder Huang Lianjin glorified at FinBlock blockchain fintech summit

On December 21, 2019, the "FinBlock 2019 Blockchain Fintech Summit" was grandly opened in Xiamen. Huang Lianjin, the co-founder of Yuanjie DNA, was invited to attend and gave a speech "Blockchain-based next-generation financial infrastructure" based on the conference theme "Blockchain Finance Future Outlook". He said: The current financial industry has problems such as information asymmetry, high transaction costs, and difficult fraud supervision. The five major blockchain technologies such as digital identity (DID), security, performance, trusted data, and cross-chain researched by Metaverse DNA Direction can effectively solve the above pain points.

It is reported that this conference was hosted by SWFT Blockchain and the North American Blockchain Association NABA, and brought together funds, project parties, mining pools, quantitative institutions, public chains, wallets, etc. in the blockchain industry to discuss the development of blockchain finance under the new policy. Directions and trends have made explorations and contributions to the "trusted digitalization" of the blockchain, driving the "de-virtualization" of finance, and promoting the technological innovation, health, and consensus development of the blockchain industry.