IOTA releases details of 2020 roadmap, focusing on privacy and scalability

According to FXStreet, the IOTA Foundation's 2020 roadmap clarifies privacy, scalability, and provides details of software upgrades. The IOTA Foundation plans to update the existing IOTA technology stack to support the demand for practical applications. One of the company's most advanced solutions is its autopeering technology, which allows nodes to run and automatically connect with neighboring nodes without having to let users find the most suitable node. To address the challenge of decentralization, IOTA is planning to reconsider node software clients written in Rust. Bee is a minimal implementation that will start in April 2020 and will provide users with limited resources to participate in the IOTA network. In addition, the Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) solution will focus on privacy issues. MAM will allow devices, regardless of size, to send out and access encrypted data streams. This feature will be introduced in six programming languages. IOTA also plans to upgrade its wallet Trinity. In addition, a light version of the IOTA wallet called Spark will be launched as a simple web-based platform.