Zhang Yuanlin of Zhongcai Blockchain Research Institute: Token economy is an underdeveloped field in the application of cultural industries

Recently, Tsinghua University hosted a BAC blockchain application conference, and Zhang Yuanlin, executive dean of the Zhongcai Blockchain Research Institute, talked about cultural industry blockchain applications. He stated that in the process of confirming rights and authentication, the use of blockchain technology can achieve immutable data records and ensure data authenticity. Therefore, the blockchain platform can be used for the authentication of the data of intellectual property rights. However, he said that in the large-scale implementation of blockchain technology in the cultural industry, it is necessary not only to solve the problem of efficiency, but also to solve the problem of one-to-one correspondence between offline assets and online blockchain assets. For the application of blockchain in the cultural industry, one area that has not yet fully developed is the token economy. Therefore, through its flow, distribution and mechanism design, rights and interests are used to motivate and participate in the participants of a certain project and economic system, so as to bring economic momentum to everyone, which can allow the entire society to operate freely and create more value. It is one of the most important battlefields for the future application of blockchain in the cultural industry.