Haifeng General Aviation releases General Cloud 3.0 based on blockchain technology

China Shipbuilding Industry System Engineering Research Institute and Haifeng General Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. held a seminar on the application of blockchain technology in the aviation field on December 20 and a general aviation cloud 3.0 launch conference based on blockchain technology. According to reports, the General Aviation Cloud 3.0 platform is an update of the application of the blockchain technology based on the General Aviation Cloud 2.0 platform in the aviation materials sharing platform. It uses the Fabric alliance chain technology to build aviation materials sharing platforms for aviation materials distributors and operators. , Make each piece of aviation material traceable, strengthen the trust between multi-party collaborations such as distributors and operators, ensure the security of transaction data, simplify the transaction process, reduce business costs, solve the poor management channel of aviation materials, and the backlog of aviation materials is legal. Issues such as airworthiness, airworthiness, inadequate traceability, and inadequate supervision of circulation.