ICT Academy Golden Key: The future development trend of blockchain will be combined with 5G and industrial Internet

Jin Jian, Director of the Institute of Industrial Internet of China Academy of Information and Communication Technology attended the "Smart +" Academy blockchain training series and explained his understanding and blockchain of blockchain technology under the title "Blockchain Technology and Digital Economy" How chains empower the digital economy. He pointed out that the future development trend of the blockchain will be combined with 5G and the Industrial Internet to empower the development of the digital economy from the perspective of infrastructure construction. The golden key indicates that the digital portrayal of specific objects can be achieved through the identification system, which helps to promote asset on-chain, so ID is also a key technology and service in the blockchain. He emphasized that the blockchain provides a business "ledger" for the Internet of Everything, and ID is also the basic building block of the future blockchain, which ultimately helps M2M achieve interconnection, interoperability and value exchange.