Blockchain has entered the era of “Hundred Schools of Contention”, here is the judgment of more than ten of the strongest brains.

In the Wei Guochao Hall, Liang Huiwang asked Mengzi, who came from afar: "Do you have any good views on my country?" Mencius directly slammed back: "Why must you say good, just say righteousness and righteousness. Fight each other for interests, the country It’s dangerous.”

The Spring and Autumn and Warring States countries before 2000 were considered to be the most splendid period of culture in Chinese history. The philosophers of the philosophers and their respective beliefs argued with each other, and the views of different camps collided fiercely. The debate on the defense of justice, the debate on Wang Ba, and the debate on the good and evil of human nature have been affected so far.

The confrontation of thinking is often the new voice of change. The historical context of the "Hundred Schools of Contention" lies in the fact that China is moving from slavery to feudalism, and new production relations are beginning to sprout.

This is similar to today's blockchain. In essence, the blockchain also technically constructs a new trust mechanism, which is bound to promote the transformation of human production relations. At this moment, not only the new and old forces, but even the new forces themselves are not broken and multi-party games.

If the contending of a hundred schools of thought occurred in the land of China 2000 years ago, today, this "debate" is happening all over the world.

On May 17, the 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum will be grandly opened. This is the third year of this conference.

This year, the conference was guided by the Hangzhou Financial Office and hosted by Babbitt. Up to now, more than 30 big coffees have confirmed their attendance, including Xiao Feng, Bai Shuo, Li Guoquan, Cosin, Chang Hao, etc. The discussion will also cover various fields such as technology, theory, economy and application.

Babbitt senior editors vomited blood to sort out the core views of more than 30 guests and gave them to you in advance. This is the next article. As a guide to thought, it can make you talk to the big brother no longer.

Li Guoquan, Professor, Singapore New Social Science University

AI, big data, computing power, etc. are all productivity factors, and it has replaced real estate or labor as the most important productivity factor. But blockchain is the efficiency of increasing relationships. By stimulating, adding productivity to relationship efficiency becomes a better economic efficiency. Therefore, I often say that a blockchain without a pass becomes an inefficient account. What is the use?

Li Ming, Director of the Blockchain Research Office, Electronic Standards Institute, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

In the early stage of the blockchain, it is necessary to return to the essence of technology. From the practice of research and application of technology, it is empty to talk about economy and society. The road is one foot high and the height is one foot. We have the enabling technology and the guaranteed technology, so that we can truly use our new technology to transform our life and change our lifestyle, business form and industrial form.

Cai Weige, general manager of Tencent Blockchain Business

The core of the enterprise application blockchain is "solving problems." These problems are characterized by the existence of trust in specific business scenarios. Because of the inability to trust other nodes, the traditional approach requires a variety of means to "consensus", increasing costs and reducing efficiency. Therefore, as long as there is a trust problem in multi-party collaboration in the application scenario, we can think that it has the premise of using the blockchain to change.

Li Feng Baidu Xiaoman Financial Block Chain Leader

Traditional financial business has its own set of rules and regulations, you can't change it easily, or you can't change it. On the one hand, it involves supervision. On the other hand, finance has a history of hundreds of years. You will see that a financial business can clearly go straight, but why should it bend away? Because it has very complicated historical reasons behind it, or it is called baggage.

Kong Jianping, Jia Nan, Zhi Zhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Future blockchains may recalculate devices and generate the computing power we need in the real world. For example, when Alibaba Cloud provides services to everyone, it has the ability to generate specific services. At the same time, you have Alibaba Cloud's server, which produces With Ali currency, you got Ali currency. In the future, as the entire Alibaba Cloud grows, you can still get other benefits. I think this is a more likely trend in the future.

Chairman of Gaohang Digital Qin Technology

With the price of mainstream digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum falling, many people are pessimistic about the blockchain industry. In fact, the digital currency bear market is not a bad thing for the development of the blockchain industry. The bull market or the bear market is only related to the price of the currency, and has nothing to do with the blockchain industry. The blockchain is not for the rich and the people who cut the leeks overnight, it needs to establish new order and rules for the world.

Li Chen: CEO of HashQuark

Staking is a savings business, but the blockchain has its own rules of the game. In the future, the public chain of PoW may be led by Bitcoin, no more than ten, and the remaining public chain will be PoS or DPoS, and there will be other consensus in the future. In the future, the market of Staking will be quite extensive.

Founder of Shenyu Cobo Wallet

The price of the currency is changing rapidly, and those who are only pouring into this circle because of the wealth effect cannot afford it. Rich overnight and impoverished, in a lot of uncertainty is just a cloud.

Liu Chang uses the founder of Zhimi University

Stabilizing coins are more liquid currency. As a bridge connecting French and cryptocurrencies, stable currency is more flexible than legal currency and more stable than cryptocurrency. However, because the legal currency is anchored, the stable currency itself has some characteristics of the legal currency. It is "another form of legal currency".

Founder of TokenMania

People's cognition is constantly growing. I think STO is really worth the effort, but it is not something that one or two people can make. It is not a question of competition. It is a game between old and new forces, such as Faebook. Morgan is also doing it. It may be bigger and greater than the digital currency exchange, and it is setting the stage for pricing next-generation assets.

Duan Xinxing is the founder of the original chain

Now, blockchain, regardless of enterprise or project application, is built on a decentralized public chain to build such centralized and semi-centralized applications and services, because the bottom layer is technology-oriented, you have to guarantee it. The stability and persistence, the upper layer is actually the user. If you really face the company and the company, he is more concerned about whether you can use this service, can you use it, use it well, not pay attention to you. Whether it is completely decentralized.

Founder of Babbitt

The calculation is “power” and it has two meanings. The first is calculation, that is, power, calculation is a kind of power, and power itself is a kind of voting right and decision-making power. The second is the calculation of rights. In the future, in big data, AI and other industries, computing will be a basic and important resource. It is the first driving force. Computing should become a public resource like water and electricity, rather than being owned by a few large companies. monopoly.

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