Meng Yan: Blockchain technology can effectively solve the difficulties and contradictions in the development of the digital economy

According to Xinhua News, the 6th Financial Corporate Social Responsibility Forum 2019 was recently held in Beijing. Digital asset research expert Meng Yan said at the forum that blockchain technology can effectively resolve several contradictions in the development of the digital economy. Traditional centralized solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are simplicity, efficiency, and maturity. The disadvantages are high risk, closed monopoly, distorted data prices, and blurred data property rights. The blockchain is a set of methods and mechanisms that meet the needs of peer-to-peer collaboration between entities through distributed accounting and deployment across interest boundaries. Meng Yan said that the significance of the blockchain lies in the creation of a "trust machine" of the "integrity zone", which is mainly reflected in the fact that cryptographic digital objects (tokens) cannot be copied, ownership is clear, and responsive data integration ensures that data property rights are clear and cross Validation ensures that data is authentic, and incentives and trading systems price data assets.