Meng Yan: Blockchain digital assets have eight advantages and will promote the digital economy to upgrade and flourish

On December 22, the Blockchain and Digital Assets Annual Conference 2019 and the China Investment Association Digital Asset Research Center Inaugural Conference was held in Beijing. Meng Yan, the vice president of the Digital Asset Research Institute, proposed that digital assets have eight advantages: The first is flexibility. Digital assets can tokenize everything and digital assets. The second is certainty, digital assets can be guaranteed to be executed by the blockchain's algorithmic contracts. The third is transparency, which is transmitted point-to-point. For example, the central government can pass digital assets or incentives to individuals in one step, without the need to go through the middle-level bureaucracy as a proxy. Fourth, the accuracy of digital assets is very high. Every repost, every comment, and every browse can be measured, and the corresponding digital assets can be obtained. Fifth, digital assets can be transferred in real time. The sixth is innovation, and the seventh is transparency, and its traceability and supervision are very convenient. The eighth is ecological. Once a high-quality blockchain project is developed, it can be self-built and self-organized and ecologically developed globally.