Sun Ke of China Information and Communication Technology Academy: Most of blockchain technology and integration are still in an imperfect stage

According to the 21st Century Business Herald, regarding the risks of blockchain technology, Sun Ke, director of the Digital Economy Department of the Institute of Policy and Economics of the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, believes that the first is that the decentralized distributed shared ledger brings the problem of scattered governance entities; The second is the issue of legal validity of smart contracts that are automatically executed; the third is the issue of data privacy and content governance caused by the difficult to tamper with the blockchain; the fourth is the issue of financial governance caused by incentives and digital assets. In addition, blockchain has its own technology risks such as central paradox, key loss risk, etc., and integration risks such as economic and social risks, and financial integration risks. Most of the current technologies and integrations are still in an imperfect stage. In this regard, Sun Ke put forward suggestions: in terms of technology, we need to coordinate the advancement of multiple parties, strengthen research on key technologies, and formulate talents and standards; in terms of application, explore from one point to another, accelerate the promotion of industry applications, and guide the true landing of applications; at the regulatory level, in the near future Combining to carry out prudent and inclusive supervision to prevent potential risks.