Professor Shinji Nakajima, Professor at Lize University, Japan: Private chains and alliance chains do not consume much power. Blockchain and Bitcoin should be evaluated separately

Shinji Nakajima, a professor at the Department of Economics at Rize University in Japan, said that the idea that the blockchain consumes electricity is wrong. He explained that although the bitcoin market has fallen compared to a period of time and lost its motivation, it is necessary to separately evaluate bitcoin and the blockchain; the characteristics of the blockchain are decentralized management and information sharing, which is a decentralized technology In essence, no matter what kind of information, its application range is very wide; private chain and alliance chain are a form of trusted people snatched together, so there will be no malicious attacks, and transactions can be confirmed quickly and simply, which is both efficient and effective. Practical; Blockchains with large power consumption are just public chains using PoW, while private and alliance chains consume less power.