Media: Greece is preparing to transfer BTC-e founder Alexander Vinnik to the United States

Legal documents from the Greek Ministry of Justice indicate that Greece is preparing to hand over Russian citizen and BTC-e founder Alexander Vinnik to the United States. After the Greek Supreme Court approved extradition requests from France, the United States and Russia, the Greek Justice Minister approved the extradition of Vinnik to France on Friday. The French Foreign Ministry plans to take him to France, where he will be sent to a plane to the United States. Although the official destination for the extradition seemed to be France, Attorney General Konstantinos Tsiaras demanded that the head of the Greek prison, who held the Russian, "prepared a transfer of the bill and promised to hand him over to the U.S. police and then to Russia." Earlier news, Vinnik was arrested in northern Greece during his vacation in 2017, and he was accused of laundering billions of dollars using cryptocurrency.