Bitcoin ransomware attacker publicly humiliates and threatens to expose victims unwilling to pay ransom

Bitcoin ransomware attackers reportedly publicly humiliated and threatened to expose victims who were unwilling to pay ransom. According to a KrebsOnSecurity report, at least one popular crypto ransomware organization has created a public website that identifies companies that choose to rebuild network operations instead of paying ransom after an attack. These public humiliators are the organization behind Maze Ransomware. The group is responsible for a recent cyber attack in Pensacola, United States, which required a $ 1 million bitcoin ransom. Cybersecurity experts advise against paying any ransom, as there is no guarantee that an attacker will decrypt the victim's files after paying the ransom. The site is open to the public and provides information on the date of the attack, the nature of the stolen files, and the IP addresses of the affected people. The site also tells visitors to "wait here for their database and private files." KrebsOnSecurity claims that at least one company succumbed to public pressure of humiliation and paid a ransom to avoid appearing on the site.