Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launches blockchain talent competence standards

The "Second International Blockchain Industry and Entrepreneur International Summit" with the theme of "Chain Future, Integrative Development" was recently held in Fuzhou. At this summit, the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as a directly affiliated institution of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in charge of talent research, talent standards, talent training, talent evaluation, talent service, and international cooperation, officially issued the "Blockchain Industry Talent Post Ability Requirements" standard. It is the country's first authoritative standard for the ability of blockchain posts. The standard puts forward three types of talents for the core research and development positions, practical technology positions, and industry application positions of the blockchain. A total of 21 specific job requirements are required, spanning the three core distribution levels of the blockchain core, practical technology layer, and industry application layer. The ability elements that the blockchain industry talents should possess are divided into four types: comprehensive ability, professional knowledge, tool skills and engineering practice ability.