VeChain Foundation public repo address theft incident progress: 727 million VET has been frozen

VeChain Fund disclosed the progress of the 1.1 billion VET token theft in the repurchase address: 1. After the incident, check other Foundation wallets to eliminate abnormalities and ensure security;

2. Notify major exchanges to take necessary measures;

3.VeChainStats proposes to deploy a blacklist to track stolen assets in real time;

4. The Hacken team works with white hat hackers to track stolen assets;

5. The development team released the VeChainThor Blockchain version v1.1.5. Super equity nodes can choose to complete the version upgrade to temporarily block the thief addresses in the blacklist. All super equity nodes agree to update. Stolen digital assets will not be transferable;

6. Super-stakeholder nodes intercepted 469 thief-related addresses in the blacklist and frozen about 727 million VET;

7. The Foundation will initiate voting for all relevant stakeholders. This vote is about whether to agree to permanently write the blacklist into VeChainThor's blockchain. After the vote is passed, 469 addresses on the blacklist will be permanently locked. Specific voting rules will be announced soon;

8. Currently cooperating with cyber security service companies to investigate thieves; strict cross-forensics are being conducted, and once conclusive evidence is obtained, it will be reported to the police. Zhang Jie, the head of the VeChain Foundation's Operations Committee, will step down as Chief Financial Officer and be temporarily replaced by the Chief Financial Officer; he will abandon the qualification for the second VeChain Foundation Strategic Decision Committee election and 50% annual salary in 2020. VeChain CEO Lu Yang will assume corresponding responsibilities and voluntarily forego 50% of full-year salary in 2020.