Guo Ningning, Vice Governor of Fujian Province: Encourage blockchain technology innovation and tap the value of blockchain technology

On December 20th, the "Second International Blockchain Industry and Entrepreneur International Summit" with the theme of "chain link future and integrated development" was grandly held in Fuzhou. Guo Ningning, Vice Governor of Fujian Province, delivered a speech first. She said that since General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the need to use blockchain as an important breakthrough in core technology independent innovation at the Central Political Bureau's collective learning blockchain technology conference in October this year, Fujian Province has seriously implemented it and issued the "Accelerated Digital Economy" "Guiding Opinions on Development" encourages blockchain technology innovation, taps the value of blockchain technology, and promotes the application of blockchain in the fields of social governance, asset management, public notarization, social assistance, intellectual property, and industrial testing. Fuzhou has released a number of blockchain application scenarios. I believe that blockchain will be more widely used in economic and trade development, social management and other aspects. Under the transformation of blockchain technology, digital platforms will also have basic functions and scenario applications. Significant expansion and improvement.