Economist Cao Heping: Blockchain is the core link in the transition of network resources from the Internet of Everything to the Smart Internet

On December 20, Cao Heping, an economist and deputy dean of Peking University's Digital China Research Institute, said at the Taibo New Economic Summit that there are many opportunities for industrial chain extension. One of the things I can see is the blockchain. Let's put it this way, GIS actually provides the highway and highway infrastructure security services for the blockchain, so the ground trust industry must extend to the blockchain. The business includes a blockchain of core companies, such as Huawei, aerospace technology, aerospace science and engineering. The other is the blockchain in the core market. We have 9,700 commodity markets, including logistics parks, these logistics parks and the blockchain business of the commodity market. Its technology is not difficult, and geotrust companies can do it. Geotrust companies must approach the blockchain and extend the industrial chain into it. They cannot close their doors, like old scientists in the past. To what extent is the blockchain awesome, it can allow the digital replacement and digital creation economy of valuable digital units to enter the enterprise's balance sheet, and can be recognized by digital currencies-this is its economic value. Not only that, it also allows you to match, trade, and add value, and it can also upgrade the corresponding industry. Blockchain is a core link in the transition of network resources from the Internet of Everything to the intelligent interconnection, or value interconnection. In other words, the original virtual things can now be transformed into more real, more efficient, and more valuable resources through the blockchain.