The blockchain grew up in the classic "spoken war", who made it? Who makes you sad?

Recently, Zhao Changpeng , the founder of the currency, announced that he would stop trading and remove the BSV, and accused the core character of the BSV, Ownen Cong, from lying in the name of Nakamoto . This behavior has a huge impact on the project and the market.

▲ screenshot from Zhao Changpeng's Weibo

As a head trading platform, the action of the currency security has always been the industry vane. As soon as this is done, many trading platforms quickly follow up . Subsequently, many trading platforms or companies such as Kraken, Coinbase, and ShapeShift have not been removed from the BSV, or they are on the way. Even the founder of Ethereum V God also published a long article to support the support of the currency BSV.

In the face of doubts and denunciations, Oban has not stopped the pace of “maintaining people”. Earlier, he even issued a "lawyer's letter" warning to other people who questioned him as Nakamoto.

The currency circle is like an entertainment circle. There are no hundreds of thousands of fans. I am embarrassed to say that I am a blockchain industry. The words of the big ones are likely to be a wave of turbulence and influence the movement of the whole industry. If we disagree, we may trigger a wonderful "spoken war." Let's take a look at some of the famous "water warfare" cases in the blockchain industry.


01 Ao Bencong VS Wu Jihan

It’s not the first time that Ao Ben Cong and the big bang in the circle have a “salvation war”. Before the BSV's downfall, Ao Ben Cong and Wu Jihan of Bit China on the hard fork of BCH had an "epic-level" "spoken war."

As a representative of Bitcoin fundamentalists, Oban has claimed that BCH should focus on the transfer transaction itself, as described in the Bitcoin White Paper, with strict restrictions on the opcode.

The “Evolutionist” camp represented by Wu Jihan believes that: BCH is constantly exploring and innovating in the fiercely competitive market environment of cryptocurrencies, including its own innovation and learning other cryptocurrencies to rapidly improve user experience and increase market share. , open up more application scenarios.

Oban has stood up to the BCH in the bitcoin expansion event, but insisted on the setting of the Bitcoin white paper on the BCH issue, which is quite contradictory. Therefore, Wu Jihan proposed a conspiracy theory in Twitter on Twitter, suspecting that Oban was a spy controlled by Blockstream.

Before the split, the two camps did not compromise, and claimed to fight for the BCH. Ao Bencong even threatened to say that the power battle will continue until BCHABC fails.

The final battle did not last long, ending with the BCHABC and BSV chains (in order to distinguish the two chains, the evolution-supported chain was named BCHABC by the trading platform, and the other chain was called BSV). The evolutionist, represented by Wu Jihan, is even better in this "BCH trademark" war.

Then Auburn Cong published tweets and sang empty currency prices:

If the miners support Wu Jihan, I will sell Bitcoin in large quantities in US dollars, and there is no room in the Bitcoin market. Think about it, we will sell it in large quantities! Bitcoin will fall below $1,000. And Wu Jihan and Rogerkver are also selling bitcoin for renting computing power. If this is a long-term battle, then Bitcoin will reproduce the price trend in 2014… I wish everyone a happy stay.

Not long after, the tweet was released again:

Remind that the power battle is a marathon, not a sprint, never think too early to see victory.

After a few days, tweet again, denying bitcoin and digital assets:

If you are dealing with cryptocurrencies, and you are still thinking about HODL (holding money) that prices can skyrocket, I will be your worst nightmare. Everything is over, Bitcoin is a commodity classification that will eventually return to money. There is no “digital asset” at all, just make a choice with fraud and sound cash.

Afterwards, some people have commented that the real power war has already ended before it has begun. What is more exciting than the power battle is the "spoken war" of Ao Bencong. This is a " war " without a winner. It not only led to the split of the BCH community. The whole process made investors' confidence in the market further decline . Bitcoin prices plummeted again. This plunge broke through the cost price of many miners. A large number of mining machines were forced to shut down or even "speak on the sale."

02 Sun Yuchen VS V God

Sun Yuchen can be described as a marketing genius in the circle. When his wave field Tron is still like a squatting child, he dares to open the bar with the first public chain Ethereum. At that time, the market value of Ethereum was nearly 70 billion US dollars, and the wave field Tron was only 2 billion US dollars, even 3% of Ethereum.

Sun Yuchen is prepared, and he will open the bar directly, and the goal is directed at Ethereum. Sun Yuchen cited seven reasons why the wave field is better than Ethereum, and that the future of the wave field will be brighter than Ethereum.

V God replied under this tweet, saying that on the 7th, it should be added with the eighth: Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are more efficient than typing new content on the keyboard, alluding to the white paper plagiarism of the Ethereum .

In this "touch porcelain" marketing, Sun Yuchen used the flow of V God to accumulate a lot of popularity in the wave field. Then he immediately launched a series of follow-up activities, personally recorded videos on YouTube, posted advertisements on the Nasdaq big screen, and even held a photo contest on Twitter to encourage everyone to tattoo their avatars…

Seeing the marketing of Sun Yuchen, V God is not lonely. On April 1 this year, he took a photo with Sun Yuchen's poster, with the phrase: Let us move towards a brighter tomorrow. Suspected that the two are reconciled.

Sun Yuchen forwarded this status and replied with a phrase "Love you?"

It’s like “ love . If it’s not April Fool’s Day, I’ll almost believe it.

Almost every time Sun Yuchen's marketing can bring heat and topic to the wave field. This may be one of the important factors for the success of the wave field.


03 BM VS V God

The core character of the Ethereum, the core character of the Ethereum, who was pushed to the position of playing cards, is naturally facing many challenges. In addition to Sun Yuchen's troubles, but also to deal with the "provocation" of EOS founder BM.

The "love and hate" between BM and V God can be traced back to 2014. At that time, Ethereum had successfully raised about $18.4 million, and EOS was only an idea in BM's mind. At that year's blockchain developer conference, BM threw a sharp question to V God: "How do you deal with the problem of all application chains being concentrated on one blockchain? "

V God did not answer the question of BM positively, which also laid the groundwork for their contradictory fermentation in the future.

The story came to May 2017, BM officially announced the EOS concept at the New York Consensus Conference, and advocated a new public chain ecological management model: super node.

V God, who has always respected the spirit of decentralization, has expressed resentment in the face of BM. Sending a complaint directly to EOS on Twitter. He believes that EOS's 21 super nodes may contact each other for conspiracy, not true democracy.

BM's comments on V God, BM is completely inappropriate, and said: First go to worry about your Ethereum.

In March last year, V God published a long article on Governance (Part 2) on the personal website. The chaebol rule is still a bad thing. In the article, he uses EOS as an example to demonstrate his views.

V God pointed out:

In the EOS system, when the super node is elected, it can get rich returns. The high return attracts countless people to participate in the super-node campaign, which leads to bribery; bribery is very common in China's EOS super-node campaign; A better solution to this problem is to create a good economic system and set up a reasonable reward and punishment mechanism.

In this regard, BM is not to be outdone, published an article on the blog "Encryption Economic Governance Limitations", screaming at the questions raised by V God.

BM believes that the system he designed is based on the premise of human nature, and he is convinced of this. Therefore, as long as more than two-thirds of the super-node team is honest, the EOS system will grow and develop; and that the crypto-economic system described by V God can only be established if it is completely closed, that is a utopian ideal, reality There is no such thing in life.

In addition to the daily response from the question of V God, BM seems reluctant to let go of every opportunity to fight V God. Recently, he has liked to forward tweets on Twitter to sing many EOS sing ETHs, and said that a large number of DApp developers on ETH are migrating to EOS, and none of them intend to migrate back to ETH.

The contradiction between V God and BM is, in the final analysis, different from the concept of community governance, especially to what extent decentralized governance is going. Although they are often tit for tat, they are working hard for an ultimate goal: try to reduce social corruption and maximize social freedom.  

04 expansion VS royalist

The BCH split mentioned above is not the first split in the history of blockchain development. Prior to this, there was disagreement on whether the Bitcoin block needed to be expanded, which eventually led to the split of Bitcoin BTC and BCH on August 1, 2017. Two chains.

As blockchains and bitcoins are understood and accepted by more and more people, there are more and more transactions on the bitcoin chain. Bitcoin trading congestion and high miners' fees have become more serious, affecting the experience and development of Bitcoin. These problems need to be resolved.

The Bitcoin community has divided into two major camps: the expansion and the royalist (also known as the Bitcoin Core team). Among them, the main supporters of the expansion group are bitcoin miners, and Wu Jihan, a bit of mainland China, is the representative. They advocate that the block size is directly expanded from 1M to 8M. This approach is like widening the lane, from two lanes to four lanes. On the other hand, the core developers of Bitcoin, represented by Qi Yongquan and others, formed the royalist group. They decided to use the lightning network to solve the problem of transaction congestion, just to ease the traffic pressure on the main road and build bridges and diversions above the road.

Previously, the two camps had twice met in order to negotiate this matter, and reached the Hong Kong consensus and the New York consensus, but they all ended up for various reasons.

The discussion on Twitter finally turned into a "classic" battle:

As a result of the Hong Kong consensus, the bitcoin core developers later repented of the consensus reached, the expansion party was "put the pigeons." At the New York meeting one year later, the expansion party directly rejected the representatives of the royalists. In the view of the royalists, the big mines represented by Wu Jihan were too ambitious, and Wu Jihan was thus Called "Jihad", corresponding to the "terrorist" in English.

In August 2017, the expansion team forked out Bitcoin Cash, which is the BCH we are now familiar with.

In December of the same year, the Emperor’s Lightning Network RC1 also released a trial version, and the main network transaction was completed. In March 2018, Lightning Network officially launched on the Bitcoin main network. Up to now, the number of lightning network nodes has exceeded 8,000, and the network capacity exceeds 1000 BTCs.

The bifurcation of Bitcoin eventually led the two factions to part ways. In the history of Bitcoin, they left a strong and colorful stroke, allowing the camps with different ideas to follow their own ideas. From this perspective, This is the greatness of the blockchain, which can no longer allow the minority ideas to be enshrined by the majority; at the same time, it offers more possibilities for the development of the bitcoin “family”.

05 conclusion

Many people have a negative attitude towards the “tear” and “spoken war” of the industry, and believe that it is best to deal with it in a peaceful way, but if you look at it from another angle, there are areas of “tear” and “war”. It often means that this is a dynamic and fast-growing industry. Disagreement means that everyone has different opinions or ideas. Disputes are also a form of exchange of ideas, which can attract more attention and let more people know about the industry. Disputes are an attitude and dare to uphold for themselves. The idea shook the flag and even swept the floor. The so-called gentlemen are different, and the emerging industries like blockchains are likely to promote the development of the industry better and faster.


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