8 Q Interview with Professor Luo Mei of Tsinghua University to Explore the Application of Blockchain in the Field of Accounting Audit

Luo Mei, Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Accounting, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, Director of Tsinghua Economic Management Digital Financial Asset Research Center. WechatIMG786

(Professor Luo Mei)

Professor Luo Mei mainly studies digital currency valuation and fundamentals, and financial tax regulations of blockchain economies. In fact, doing research in this area is very similar to exploring in uninhabited areas. What does Professor Luo Mei think of this chaotic and disordered state, and how Professor Luo Mei can "orderly" research some results? The 8-question feature film of this issue will be released on Babbitt ’s official website, Weibo, and WeChat public account on December 24th. Follow us and don't miss each wonderful episode.

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