General Manager of the Tencent Virtual Bank Blockchain Cai Jiege: Informatization of invoices electronically, while blockchains assetize invoices

"2019 Digital Finance Annual Summit" was held at Tsinghua University in Beijing on the 20th. In a speech, Cai Gange, general manager of the blockchain of Tencent Virtual Bank, said that the electronicization of invoices and the blockchain assetization of invoices, assets issued , Circulation and exchange, redemption, and destruction are unique. This is a big difference between the blockchain and the Internet system. Such invoice digital assets flow into the consumer's address after the invoicing company issues the invoice, and when reimbursed, it will flow back to the address of the reimbursement company, and the company will return to the tax bureau after deducting the items. From a product point of view, for the first time with full life-cycle management and control, the system can automatically alarm and reduce management costs significantly.