Xiao Zheng: Blockchain technology will play a role in the construction of a private enterprise financing support system

Xiao Ye, a member of the Bank of China Law Research Association, issued today a question entitled "How Will Private Enterprises Opinions" Affect the Legal Market? Analysis article. The article stated that the "Opinions on Creating a Better Development Environment to Support the Reform and Development of Private Enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as "the opinions of private enterprises") was officially announced yesterday. The "Private Enterprise Opinion" mentioned "improving the direct financing support system for private enterprises". In addition to the GEM and the New Third Board, it also mentioned that under the premise of compliance with laws and regulations, support for "asset management products", "insurance funds", and "private equity" Funds ”and other methods have actively participated in the rescue of private enterprises. Opinions have proposed directions. How to do this really requires the wisdom and wisdom of investment and financing lawyers to open up compliance channels and allow private enterprises to let go. At the same time, Xiao Zheng believes that the most popular technology "blockchain technology" currently plays a significant role in the digital fiat currency. In the construction of a private enterprise financing support system, it will write a strong mark.