From the media: Jia Nan Yunzhi will follow up with TSMC 5nm, the time point is in the first quarter of 2020

Today, from the media, Wu said that the blockchain published a post that when Bitmain's 5nm test chip was successfully returned to the film, Jia Nan will also follow TSMC's 5nm process, or become the world's second mining machine manufacturer to enter the 5nm process. The first quarter of 2020. According to relevant sources, after the successful listing, Jia Nan will gain more trust at the supply chain level. Canaan will become the only mainstream mining machine manufacturer that has received support from both TSMC and Samsung. Previously, the self-media learned from people close to TSMC that Bitmain's 5nm mining machine chip is the world's first 5nm test-grade chip that has been packaged.