Industry Blockchain Weekly News 丨 Leaders in many places support the blockchain, the party secretary of Shanghai

After the "10.24 Speech", local governments across the country have actively learned how to grasp blockchain opportunities through learning sessions and other forms, strengthen the top-level design, and strengthen the local blockchain technology industry advantage. However, there are not many government leaders who are able to investigate the actual operation of the blockchain at the grassroots level. This time, the Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee has undoubtedly taken the lead in the country, which has greatly improved the enthusiasm of blockchain practitioners. .


Government Update: Multiple Leaders Support Blockchain

Deputy Mayor of Beijing: Beijing government data has been uploaded, and more data will be gradually shared

On December 18th, at the "Looking at the 2020 Finance and Economic Summit" with the theme "The Stability and Potential of the Chinese Economy," Yin Yong, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, said that he would vigorously promote smart government services, with an emphasis on the openness of government service data shared. At present, government data of government departments at all levels in Beijing have been chained to form a directory blockchain system. All government data are being promoted to the cloud. The next step will gradually provide more data to the society for open sharing.

Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee: Fintech is an important direction, and the application of blockchain technology is an indispensable important content

On December 16, Li Qiang, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, went to some fintech companies to conduct in-depth research on accelerating the construction of an international financial center. Li Qiang pointed out that to accelerate the establishment of an international financial center, fintech is an important direction, and the application of blockchain technology is an indispensable and important content. It is necessary to firmly grasp the development opportunities, and further create distinctive features around key industry areas, so that blockchain technology can better play a supporting and enabling role in the industry, and promote the construction of a social credit system.

Secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee: Strengthen the top-level design and clearly develop the "road map"

On December 21, the theoretical learning center group of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee held a study meeting. Zhang Jinghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, said that to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation in Nanjing, it is necessary to strengthen the top-level design, grasp the law of industrial technology evolution, select key directions, schedule a batch of projects, and coordinate the planning of the blockchain and The coordinated development of the digital economy and artificial intelligence has clearly defined a "roadmap" for development.

Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee: Accelerating the Construction of a Blockchain Industrial Ecosystem

On December 18, the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Theory Learning Center group held a collective learning meeting. Liu Qi, the secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, stated that the construction of the blockchain industry ecosystem should be accelerated, and new energy for the development of the blockchain industry should be cultivated. Focus on cultivating a group of compound talents who are proficient in blockchain theory, technology and applications, and effectively enhance the innovation and competitiveness of Jiangxi's blockchain industry.

Secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee: To formulate talent policies in emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, and blockchain

On December 18, Hu Henghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went to the Municipal Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau to conduct a special survey on employment work in the city. Hu Henghua emphasized that we must effectively protect the talent needs of enterprises, formulate talent policies in emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, and blockchain, and do a good job of ensuring and serving the talents of enterprises, and strive to create a good development environment for enterprises.


Li Qiang, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, is currently the highest-ranking government official to go to a blockchain company to investigate. Other local governments have to cheer.

Industrial policy: Blockchain helps supervision

Shanghai: Municipal financial supervision departments should promote the use of blockchain and other technologies in regulatory platforms

On December 19, the General Office of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai People ’s Congress announced that the 16th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th People ’s Congress of Shanghai had reviewed the “Regulations on Shanghai Local Financial Supervision and Management (Draft)” and it is now widely used by the society. solicit opinions. Among them, Article 6 (Regulatory Technology) states that the city's local financial regulatory authorities should promote the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and other technologies in regulatory platforms, collect regulatory information, conduct industry statistics and risks through the regulatory platform. Monitoring and early warning, etc., and realize the interconnection and sharing of regulatory information with relevant departments.


Blockchain technology itself requires regulation, and at the same time, blockchain technology can also promote government regulation. Earlier, Yang Dong, director of the Research Center for Financial Technology and Internet Security at Renmin University of China and director of the Big Data Blockchain and Regulatory Science and Technology Laboratory, said that the largest application scenario of blockchain is in the field of government regulation.

Application landing:

State Grid: Central Enterprise E-commerce Alliance Online

On December 19, the State Grid Blockchain Corporation organized the first Energy Blockchain Ecology Conference in Beijing, released the top ten scenarios for the application of the State Grid blockchain technology, and actively explored and promoted the application of blockchain technology in the energy and power industry. At the conference, the central enterprise e-commerce alliance chain jointly established by State Grid E-commerce, China Construction E-commerce, CITIC Bank, Huaneng E-commerce, and National Energy Group Materials Company was officially launched.

Hangzhou Internet Court: another national case

On December 19, the judicial block chain smart contract technology was applied to the first case in the country for civil litigation trials, and the first case in the e-commerce field where the entire process of on-chain depository certification was pronounced online. It is reported that the Hangzhou Internet Court launched a blockchain smart contract judicial application system on October 24, and opened a new model of credit ecosystem-level litigation source governance.

Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court: The first application of "blockchain" technology to preserve property

On December 18th, the Second Intermediate People's Court of Shanghai held the opening ceremony of the "Smart Security Service Platform". It is reported that this platform is the first time that blockchain technology has been deeply applied to the national court property security business. The contractor enters the guarantee information through the system. Relevant data can be retrieved and linked to the electronic dossier of the case. At the same time, the acceptance information of the guarantee is immediately fed back to the insurance company to realize distributed storage, which can effectively eliminate false guarantees and malicious tampering with the guarantees and ensure that the guarantees are legal and effective.

Agricultural Bank of China: released the first domestic re-export trade blockchain product

On December 17, the Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch held a cross-border e-chain product launch conference in Shanghai, which is the first domestic re-export trade blockchain product. It is understood that in May 2018, the leadership of the Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch set up a blockchain project team, and FunChain provided the bottom layer of the autonomous and controllable alliance chain, innovatively integrated the underlying solution of the Babbitt blockchain, and tried to use the agile development model to do A demonstration project, based on blockchain technology, enables painful re-export trade business.

Alibaba: the first automatic blockchain payment successful

On December 17, the first automatic payment of the Alibaba On-chain Charity Program was successful in the new future high school student project. It is reported that based on the automatic payment system, the foundation introduced the beneficiary list into the system and reviewed it with the financial system. The beneficiary student confirmed his identity through Alipay and his online signature could complete the receipt. The system will automatically retrieve the intelligence stored on the blockchain The contract will send the money directly to the beneficiary's account without the need for multiple rounds of rotation. The relevant information is recorded on the blockchain at the same time and cannot be tampered with.

Guangzhou, Zhuhai and other 10 cities jointly build a blockchain platform

On December 16, Guangzhou Public Resources Trading Center, as the nation ’s first public resource trading blockchain platform, led the construction of the platform, and cooperated with Beijing, Zhuhai, Wuhan, Changsha, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Foshan, and Dongguan nine public resource trading centers. Signed the "Public Resource Trading Blockchain Platform Sharing Application Cooperation Agreement" to further promote mutual recognition and sharing of information and help optimize the business environment.


Energy, justice, finance, public welfare … The blockchain landing scene is becoming more and more abundant.

Industrial parks / associations / incubators: Blockchain technology research institutes set up in multiple places

Zhejiang Merchants Industry Blockchain Promotion Alliance Established

On December 20th, the “Zheshang Industrial Blockchain Promotion Alliance” was officially established at the 2nd China Industrial Blockchain Development Summit Forum of the 12th “Zheshang” Annual Conference in 2019. The alliance is a non-profit social autonomous organization jointly sponsored by the domestic blockchain industry's leading companies and industry experts. It aims to unite the practitioners in the blockchain field and jointly promote the popularization of blockchain basic knowledge and the industrial blockchain in China. Landing development.

Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone: "Blockchain +" Financial Technology Research Institute officially unveiled

On December 19, the "Blockchain +" Fintech Research Institute of Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone was officially unveiled. The institute will aim at building a high-level "blockchain +" fintech industry service and scientific research platform, and undertake the research and testing of the "blockchain +" fintech common bottom technology, screening and identification of entry projects, and mining of application scenarios. And other functional services.

Fujian: Digital Fuzhou Blockchain Research Institute unveiled

On December 20th, the 2nd International Summit of Blockchain Industry and Entrepreneurs was held in Fuzhou, and the Digital Fuzhou Blockchain Research Institute and Digital Fuzhou Blockchain Incubator were unveiled. The landing of the Research Institute and incubator will strongly promote the development in Rongrong Efficient docking between enterprises and scientific research institutions, deepening cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes, accelerating the transformation and promotion of blockchain technology scientific research results in enterprises, promoting the combination of blockchain technology services and the construction of new smart cities to expand and deepen the commercial application of blockchain technology Using blockchain technology to explore digital economic model innovation and enhance the development of digital economy in Fujian.

Chengdu: Blockchain Talent Commission Established

On December 20, the establishment and awarding ceremony of the Chengdu Blockchain Talents Special Committee, sponsored by the Chengdu Science and Technology Innovation and Employment Promotion Association and supported by the Chengdu New Economic Development Committee and the Civil Affairs Bureau, was held in Chengdu. The purpose of the special committee is to strengthen the exchange and cooperation in the blockchain industry, build the Chengdu blockchain talent industry, promote industry structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, strengthen Chengdu's competitive advantage in the blockchain field, and help Chengdu become the most suitable city for new economic development. .

Zibo: First Blockchain Technology Research Institute Established

On December 20, the launching ceremony of Zibo Shilian Blockchain Technology Research Institute was held at Zibo Qisheng International Hotel Conference Center, and the first blockchain research institution in Zibo was officially born.

"Belt and Road Blockchain Application Technology Alliance" was established

On December 19, Tsinghua University's Belt and Road Strategy Research Institute, China Industrial Internet Research Institute, Qidi Blockchain Group, China Silk Road Group, VeChain Technology, and DNV GL jointly initiated the establishment of the “Belt and Road Blockchain Application Technology Alliance” The goal is to form a joint force through an effective alliance mechanism to gather consensus from various sectors such as government, industry, university, and research institutes, and jointly provide a high-quality soil for cooperation and cooperation for the innovative breakthroughs and landing applications of the blockchain in the "Belt and Road" construction.


The implementation of the blockchain requires the full cooperation of government, industry, universities, and research institutes. Research institutions are conducive to pooling academic and industrial resources and are an important force for technical innovation and application verification.

Listed companies: signing contracts and issuing new products

Hang Seng Electronics: release new blockchain products such as HSL2.0 platform

On December 19, Hang Seng Electronics held the "i BLOCK CHAIN" blockchain new product launch conference, and released the HSL2.0 platform, Fantai Chain (FTCU), trade finance platform blockchain application, supply chain finance blockchain service platform and other areas. New Blockchain.

Alto Electronics: Release Alto Financial Information Service Chain

On December 20, Alto Electronics released 3 new fintech products at the "Alto · Fintech Annual New Product Launch Conference" held, including the latest intelligent service robots, 5G smart bank overall solutions and Alto Financial Information Service Chain. Among them, Alto Financial Information Service Chain is a proprietary chain supporting financial industry applications based on blockchain technology and IPFS developed by Alto Electronics and MOAC Technology. This product can provide more secure and efficient distribution for financial institutions, governments and enterprises. Storage service.

Kodak: Subsidiary actively explores the application of blockchain in digital marketing

On December 19, Keda Co., Ltd. responded to investors' questions on the interactive platform and stated that the company invested in two blockchain-related funds for project incubation. On the other hand, the company's subsidiaries actively explored blockchain in the digital marketing field. The application will not have a significant impact on the company's finances in the short term. The company's main business is digital marketing.

Jinyun Laser: Signed 11 million yuan blockchain smart unmanned retail terminal supply contract

On December 16, Jinyun Laser issued an announcement that the company and Guangshun Huijia signed the "equipment procurement contract" on December 15. Guangshun Huijia will purchase 220 smart blockchain unmanned retail terminals from the company with a contract amount For 11 million yuan. All blockchain intelligent unmanned retail terminal hardware includes a full set of application software systems and related role Saas software. The annual software service fee is negotiated separately between the two parties based on the operating situation.

Chairman of Wuliangye Group: Suggests that alliance members accelerate the application of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain

At the 3rd China International Famous Wine Culture Festival · 2019 International Famous Wine Alliance High-level Summit on December 17, Li Shuguang, Chairman of Wuliangye Group, said that since the establishment of the “Belt and Road” International Famous Wine Alliance two years ago, the alliance's circle of friends has grown and partners The web is getting wider. It is suggested that members of the alliance jointly launch a number of forward-looking and strategic major research projects in the industry to accelerate the application of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and "Internet +" to help the industry transform and upgrade.

Luzhou Laojiao: Blockchain technology can achieve positive interaction between manufacturers and distributors

On December 16, Lu Chao, the chairman of Luzhou Laojiao China Liquor Trading Center, said at the APEC SME Digital Economy Development Conference that when liquor dealers encountered difficulties in pressing funds, it was difficult to obtain loans because banks could not confirm the authenticity of the supply. Blockchain technology can make digital assets on the industrial chain mobile, guaranteed, and traceable. Banks can be "trusted", rest assured and lending, and assets on the industrial chain can be maximized to realize positive interaction between manufacturers and distributors.


From technology research to product release, some listed companies have made solid progress in blockchain exploration. For example, Hang Seng Electronics has been researching blockchain since 2015. Wuliangye and Luzhou Laojiao, the two liquor brands, both expressed their opinions on the blockchain, indicating that the blockchain has penetrated deeper and deeper into traditional enterprises. At the 2018 Global Blockchain Hangzhou Summit Forum , Ant Financial Services was responsible for the blockchain technology. Zhang Hui once revealed that he has officially cooperated with Guojiu Moutai to use the blockchain for authenticating the source of anti-counterfeiting of Moutai.

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