Executive Vice President of Suning Technology: Blockchain will restructure the retail value system, with huge commercial value behind it

According to Hexun, on December 21, Lion said the 2019 Blockchain Technology and Application Forum was held in Nanjing. Jing Wei, executive vice president of Suning Technology Group, said in the speech that in the past ten years, Internet technology has brought continuous driving force to the development of Suning. In the past, informationization changed the way of information transmission, and the blockchain will bring about the reconstruction of the ecological value system. Behind it, there are a lot of topics about technology application, industrial integration, and ecological cooperation that are worthy of discussion together. Value needs to be tapped and created. Jing Wei said that retail is an important application area of ​​blockchain. At present, Suning revolves around the industrial development characteristics of the retail system and provides an intelligent, easy-to-use and trusted blockchain service for business scenarios where blockchain technology is applied. The platform has supported the implementation of many business scenarios including retail, finance, logistics, and supply chain.