Hacker who pleaded guilty to Apple Inc. for cryptocurrency extortion, sentenced to two years in prison

According to Bitcoinist reports, back in March 2017, The Hacker News and many other news outlets reported that a hacker threatened to remotely erase 300 million iPhone data in order to blackmail Apple for $ 75,000 worth of Bitcoin ransom. The hacker claimed that he obtained 200 million iCloud accounts in one email, but in another email, he claimed that he obtained 300 million Apple email accounts, which later became 559 million . Despite the conflict, the authorities eventually managed to locate the hacker and confirm that he was Kerem Albayrak. Now, Albayrak has pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty to blackmailing Apple. According to recent reports, he acknowledged being a member of a hacker group called the Turkish Crime Family and threatened to clear the accounts of millions of Apple users. Following a hearing at the Southwark Criminal Court in London, Albayrak was sentenced to two years in prison and suspended. In addition, he will face 300 hours of community service and electronic curfew, which will last for 6 months.