Data: "Tech pioneers face difficulties in describing AI and blockchain" became one of the most popular tweets about AI in November

According to GlobalData, the data and analysis company GlobalData lists the 10 most popular tweets about artificial intelligence in November 2019 based on data from its influence platform. Among them was Vala Afshar, Salesforce's chief digital evangelist, explaining the difficulties faced by artificial intelligence and blockchain on Twitter. Afshar shared a video of his interview with Bill Gates on a talk show hosted by David Letterman in 1995 on Twitter and talked about the difficulties that technology pioneers currently face when describing artificial intelligence and blockchain. On November 19, 2019, Afshar wrote on Twitter: "In 1995, just two years after the World Wide Web was born, Bill Gates tried to explain the" Internet "to Letterman. Today, technology pioneers are trying to describe artificial intelligence and When facing the blockchain, they also face the same difficulties and ridicule. "This tweet received 969 likes and 467 retweets.