Digital Asset Research Institute Guo Yu: Blockchain trust needs to combine consensus algorithms, zero-knowledge proofs, and formal verification

According to Sina Finance, on December 22, the Digital Assets and Blockchain Annual Conference (2019) and China Investment Association Digital Asset Research Center Inaugural Conference was held in Beijing. Guo Yu, an academic and technical member of the Digital Asset Research Institute, said in a speech that the core reason for the low throughput of the blockchain network is the network bandwidth limitation. Increasing the block production speed is a relatively popular solution before, but this approach will Chain forks may even threaten the security of blockchain systems. Guo Yu believes that the solution to improve the throughput of the blockchain without reducing the security is zero-knowledge proof. Guo Yu pointed out that the credibility of a blockchain system actually includes three aspects: consensus algorithms provide trust in blockchain protocols, zero-knowledge proofs provide data information and computational integrity, and formal verification guarantees credible computing logic. Blockchain trust requires a combination of consensus algorithms, zero-knowledge proofs, and formal verification.