Data: Upbit hacker wallet address transfers 2000 ETH to unknown address

According to Whale Alert monitoring, at 17:44:43 Beijing time on December 23, the Upbit hacker wallet address (beginning with 0xb3a9) transferred 2,000 ETH to the address beginning with 0x987f, valued at about 264,000 US dollars. The transaction hash value is: 0xc633d7e61123c822127649d619f525c3846055614b6d61eb7619566c388c342f. There seem to be signs that relatively small funds may be trying to dump into Binance. It's unclear if Binance will respond immediately, as news of the transfer came in the last few hours. Generally, Binance allows funds to be transferred between accounts, which means that a hacker can withdraw money from another specially selected account to launder money. Several smaller transactions pointed to the Binance1 Ethereum wallet.