Professor of South China University of Technology: The advent of the 5G era will expand and accelerate the blockchain

Huang Han, a professor and doctoral tutor of the School of Software, South China University of Technology, said that the advent of the 5G era will undoubtedly expand the capacity of the blockchain (the joining of the Internet of Things) and speed up (the efficiency of updating shared ledgers), and promote more data on the chain. Make transactions more diverse and efficient. Blockchain technology can make up for the shortcomings of 5G communication technology in terms of privacy, security, and trust. The two technologies will promote each other, give play to their respective advantages, and promote a series of new applications. 5G and blockchain can be combined with the entire process of intelligent manufacturing. Based on product-service coordinates, enterprise coordinates and value chain coordinates, from transaction, production traceability to logistics tracking, create a new generation of information technology application system and timely feedback. Production optimization helps users to use big data and accelerates the pace of intelligent manufacturing. It can be said that China is infinitely close to the fourth industrial revolution led by cloud computing, the Internet of Things, 5G, big data and artificial intelligence.