Blockforce Capital CEO: Withdrawing Bitcoin ETF is following SEC advice, but SEC is interested in Bitcoin ETF

In February of this year, Reality Shares ETF Trust, a unit of US asset management company Blockforce Capital, requested the withdrawal of ETF applications involving bitcoin futures. Eric Ervin, CEO of Blockforce Capital, said that the SEC ’s proposal was really Interested and wanted to participate, but based on regulatory realities, the SEC was unable to approve the proposal at the time. The SEC has been eager to get public opinion on or including Bitcoin ETFs. At the same time, Eric Ervin mentioned that before submitting the proposal, the SEC had warned that Blockforce Capital could submit an application, but it must be withdrawn immediately after the application. Blockforce Capital followed the regulatory advice and the main application was withdrawn one day after the application was submitted. And the SEC recommends that its fund can be changed to a spacer fund, so investors can only enter and exit the fund once per period of time (usually weekly, monthly or quarterly), which makes the fund less susceptible to manipulation. Eric Ervin revealed that the company made a lot of preparations for the business, but later put the ETF proposal on hold.